People's opinions should always be fact based

  The essence of management is effective and timely communication

  All unsolved problems are more or less communication problems

  The consequences of lack of emotional control are often catastrophic

  Of course, it all started with very small things

  Selfishness is in the nature of many people in modern society

  Together with greed and ineffective communication processes, it's often chicken-flying dog-hopping

  If an enterprise has several such people, the result is often a vicious circle

  Businesses have traditionally struggled close to the line of failure

  Honesty is very important to get along with others

  No organization can function smoothly without an efficient communication mechanism

  Of course ,any organization is made up of a certain number of people

  So if we solve people's problems, we can solve any problems

  People are not necessarily on the same level

  A certain system and procedure are needed to avoid the maximization of some negative factors

  Calm in the face of their own shortcomings is an important sign of a mature person

  Everything is difficult at the beginning, keeping a heart for yourself